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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Let the holiday festivities begin!

If, by festivities, I actually mean, begin packing for a weeekend trip after I get done with this post, (check the time stamp), loading the electronics for same trip into a bulging laptop bag, shuffling off to the airport in the early AM for a flight to a too liberal state for me to be comfortable in and settling into a family members house and liquor cabinet for the same weekend.

It's time for the annual sojourn to the BSU's family Christmas dinner and gift exchange. This year we are scheduled to return on Monday so pray it doesn't snow the 16" tht fell last year while we were there.

The snowblower is fixed and functional, the kitten and the dog are checked into the kennel, the food dish for the cat that is staying here is filled up and I think the dryer has finished so I can stuff some clothes into a duffel so I'm ready when the alarm goes off tomorrow.

I've applied for 2 jobs already this week, one with a private firm that makes very large, noisy, sparkly things and another contractor on base where the job description sounded like it had been cribbed from my work history. Wish me luck!

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